The Cycling Domestiques: A Brave New World Redo

The pain and suffering are felt in the peloton maybe more than up front!

Lots of people blog about Cycling. But it strikes me that there is a huge part of cycling that is nameless–virtually lost within the sea of surging Lycra and carbon fibre that is the Pro-Peleton. These are the Cycling Domestiques.

Cycling is about teamwork. At least that’s what they say. Yet so much time and energy is devoted to the Superstars-the guys we know simply by their first names- Lance, Alberto, Tommeke, Cadel, Levi, Andy…..

But who are these other guys in heavily Logo-ed, overly bright Lycra, pedaling twice as hard while maneuvering through the peloton and carrying what looks like half their body-weight in water bottles and nutrient bars?

These are the guys who make the superstar’s life easier- the superstar’s race-day entourage-his escorts in the peloton, they are the Cycling Domestiques. This is a blog about them. It’s their story, their lives, and maybe the moment their own star shines a bit brighter.

5 Responses to “The Cycling Domestiques: A Brave New World Redo”

  1. BlackChopper Says:

    Good on ya–looking forward to reading more. You’re right–nobody ever talks about the little riders.

  2. Nita Says:

    I think it is an excellent idea to highlight the domestiques in their own blog! Often overlooked, which is a shame because they give their all for their team. I look forward to your posts! Thank you for thinking of them and spending the time so we can all know them.

  3. Roddy Pattison Says:

    Excellent idea! The spotlight too often falls on the superstars but cycling is much more than that! Blog away.

  4. tbtaward Says:

    Love it! The unsung heroes of racing need a voice too.

  5. tbtaward Says:

    Sean Yates was a great domestique in the Motorola team. Peter Thomson raced against him a couple of times.

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